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   Wolverine [WVR-6M]      Medium Mech (55 Tons)     
(437 in Neveron)  
Battle Value [BV] (at 4/4 skill):  1152    Walk / Run / Jump Speed:  5 / 8 / 5   Heat Sinks:  14  
Maintenance Cost:  $ 13,750 / NevDay   Usable Hands:  Yes   Max Heat Generated:  23  
Support Points [SP] Required:  27.5    Ideal Weapons Range:    1   Chance to Overheat:  Moderate  

Armor (10.5 Tons)

(H) Head 9
(CT) Center Torso 25
(RT / LT) R/L Torso 20
(RA / LA) R/L Arm 18
(RL / LL) R/L Leg 19
(RCT) Rear Center Torso 8
(RRT / RLT) Rear R/L Torso 6


Code Name Loc Heat Damage Min Range Range (S / M / L) Ammo
LLLarge LaserRA88-5 / 10 / 15-
MLMedium LaserRA35-3 / 6 / 9-
MLMedium LaserH35-3 / 6 / 9-
SRM-6Short Range Missiles (6)LT42 - 12*-3 / 6 / 915 (RT)

* SRMs do 2 points of damage per missile that hits.



Range: 3 Base sensor range (BSR) is 4 hexes per level. It is possible to detect units at multiples of BSR
Power: 7 High power allows more likely detection at higher multiples of BSR, and counteracts stealth and ECM
Stealth: 3 Also includes from basic camo to advanced color-changing paint and light bending technologies
ECM: 1 Electronics countermeasures jam enemy sensors. The highest ECM rating per side is used in any battle

Mech Type Description

    Agility, good weaponry and nice armour protection feature in this Mech - making it good for many roles - though excelling at none. For a 55 ton Mech, (based around the Crucis-A chassis) however, it still packs a punch. Also, featuring a Garret T11b, similar to the one used in BlackJacks and JagerMechs, the Wolverine is a capable fighter against aerospace and VTOL assets too.

Legendary WVR-6M Wolverine  Unknown in the mech Unknown of the empire Unknown

   No legendary units of this type are known.

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